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Saturday, December 15, 2012

How Old Is This Meme?

I first began blogging soon after a colleague challenged me about atheist internet memes that I had been posting on Facebook with increasing frequency. She is had always taken her atheism for granted and did not see the point of political atheism. 

My colleague's challenge inspired me to to focus my intellectual energy through blogging. This post presents a wide range of perspectives represented in internet memes by tracing them to their philosophical antecedents.

Rationalism: Anthropomorphic gods are narcissistic projections; incorporeal gods are immaterial abstractions.

Skepticism: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Agnosticism: The supernatural is immaterial.


Empiricism: Discovery trumps faith.

Atheism: Determined faith is obstinate credulity.

Secularism: Civil law trumps religious law.

Cynicism: Sentience is corporeal; immortality is an empty promise.

Humanism: Morality trumps piety.

Stoicism: Knowledge trumps revelation.

Universalism: Sectarian religions are mutually contradictory and internally inconsistent.

Humanism: Personal gods are nepotism fantasies; impersonal gods are obscurantist metaphors.

Antitheism: If there are gods, they are sadistic, indifferent or capricious.

Freethought: Worthy ideas do not need sacred status.

This post presents a wide range philosophical perspectives embedded in internet memes. I welcome comments from readers who find older antecedents. 

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